Company Profile

Founded Feburary,1919
Capital 3,000 millon yen
Main Shareholder Sumitomo Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Sumitomo Metel Mining Co.,Ltd.
Employees Approximately 400
Business Supply of Electric (Approximately 4,000Million kilowatts hours/year) ,Steam and Pure water
Supply and Sales of Gas(Industrial gas etc.)
Sales of Coal,Woody biomass and Coal ash
Production and Sales of CfFA(Carbon-free Flay Ash)processed from coal ash
Customer ・Sumitomo Chemical Co.,Ltd.
・Sumitomo Metel Mining Co.,Ltd.
・Sumito Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd.
・About 10 Sumito Group Companies
・Summit Energy CORPORATION
・Besshiyama Area 400 Points(Niihama City)
Power Supply Facilities ・Hydroelectric Plant (11Places) 83,110KW
・Thermal Power Plant (3Places) 579,600KW
・(Solar power plant) 1,000KW
Main Fuel Coal (Approximately 1.5Milion ton/year)


*= Representative Director

President* Kazushi Tan
Vice President* Kazuo Iio
Director Shinichiro Nagata
Director Hiromasa Oba
Director Yasuhiro Shiraishi
Director Hiromu Murakami
Corporate Auditor Mikihiro Fukuda
Corporate Auditor Motohiro Uno
Corporate Auditor Yasushi Takakura
Corporate Auditor Yoshiharu Ishikawa

The History

1919 Tosa Yoshinogawa Hydroelectric Electric Power CO.,Ltd. was founded(the Former name of company)
1927 Electric Suppyly Business started
1934 The corporate name was changed to Shikoku Chuo Electric Power CO.,Ltd.
1943 The corporate name was changed to Sumitomo Joint Electric Power CO.,Ltd.
1963 Steam Supply Business started
1974 Sumikyo Clean Center CO.,Ltd. was founded
1983 Niihama Coal Center CO.,Ltd. was founded (the joint investment of Sumitomo Coal and Sumitomo Chemical)
1987 Sumikyo Engineering CO.,Ltd. was founded
1989 S・N・K CO.,Ltd. was founded (the joint investment of Nituko)
2001 We receiveed the certification of ISO90001
2003 We started Electric Suppyly Business for Besshiyama Area (Niihama City) (by specific electric power industry)
2005 We started Electric Sales throughout Japan Electric Power Exchange
2008 Kawasaki Biomass Electric Power CO.,Ltd. was founded (the joint investment of Sumitomo Forestry and Fuluhashi EPO)
2012 Zero Techno Shikoku Corporation(the joint investment of Sumikyo Clean Center and Zero Techno)
2013 Monbetsui Biomass Electric Power CO.,Ltd. was founded (the joint investment of Sumitomo Forestry)
2017 Sumikyo Clean Center CO.,Ltd. changed corporate name to Sumikyo Create Service Center CO.,Ltd..

Company Information